Aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry

Master of Science Aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry (M.Sc.)
Postgraduate program
Scientific Director of the Academic Programme: Prof. Dr. Constantin von See
Place of study: Danube private University
Start: Please see current courses
Duration of study: 6 semesters
Language: English
Tution fees: € 28.000.–

Aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry is the leading cross-over field for the targeted synthesis of consolidated expertise usually consisting of different specialities. The reason for this is that modern dentistry ranges from minimally invasive treatment techniques to extremely complex orthodontic-surgical, perio-prosthetic reconstruction measures including aesthetically and functionally oriented implant prosthetics.
At the same time patients who have to undergo increasingly complex treatments require more and more pre-treatment in the form of adjunctive therapies as part of modern concepts to ensure the low-risk, but goal-oriented insertion of the new dentures in a periodontally rehabilitated, aesthetically prepared, and last but not least, functionally healthy stomatognathic system.
The reconstructive therapist offers aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry an entire spectrum of new medical, dental and technical tools from various different fields, allowing them to optimally coordinate the very individual therapeutic needs of patients taking into consideration both temporal aspects and technical expertise.
The results of German oral health studies indicate that a significant increase in demand for aesthetic and reconstructive treatments is to be expected.
Increasing tooth loss combined with higher life expectancy is resulting in a greater need and interest of patients for high-quality, usually fixed, dental rehabilitation. The benefits of such therapy concepts – an improvement in the quality of life and new feeling of youth thanks to an aesthetic, functional masticatory system – speak for themselves.
Only the intensive examination of today’s possibilities in oral rehabilitation techniques and the study of practical clinical treatment methods for the targeted therapy of periodontal, functional and aesthetic deficits can provide the basis for implementation in the everyday reality of the practice.
The key advantages for the treating dentist are the extraordinary flexibility of the treatment concept whilst explicitly maintaining an essentially standardized course of aesthetic and reconstructive prosthetic treatment.
It is particularly this security in everyday clinical treatments that is extremely important for the implementation of targeted and success-oriented therapy measures that are easily comprehensible and thus manageable for all parties.
The aim of today’s aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry is therefore to increase the functional and aesthetic quality of oral reconstruction.
After the successful completion of a career-integrated course of study in aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry, this can regularly flow into the individual practice concept, improving patient comfort and minimizing treatment risk for patient and dentist in the process.
The success of graduates in the implementation of the described concepts is the success of a teaching concept that has been evaluated by participants and continuously developed for over a decade. Benefit from this expertise in your practice.